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Employer Summary

The Y. Hata Ohana

Our History in Foodservice

From its humble beginnings in 1913, through its incorporation in 1922, the legacy of the founder of our company, Yoichi Hata, continues into the 21st century. Yoichi Hata immigrated to Hilo, Hawaii in the late 1800’s. His wife Naeko later joined him, and in 1913, they started a “mom and pop” operation and began to wholesale products out of their warehouse/garage. Yoichi transformed a modest backyard operation on the Big Island of Hawaii into a prolific statewide network. They had ten children, of whom five were instrumental in developing the family business. Russell Hata, Yoichi’s grandson, is the current Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Mission Statement

Foodservice Beyond Expectation

We will set the standard among foodservice companies and foodservice distributors in the Pacific Region by effectively acquiring and utilizing every known and anticipated resource available, such as an extraordinary workforce, advanced technology, efficient procedures and practices, and new business ventures.

We will be the foodservice distributor of choice by providing quality products with the highest level of service. Through fine character and commitment to excellence, Y. Hata & Co., Limited will maintain our position as the premier name in foodservices and restaurant supplies and equipment.

Cementing Our Future in Foodservice

Three generations and countless tons of dry, chilled and frozen products later, Yoichi Hata’s dream continues. Today, Y. Hata distinguishes itself as the most innovative, forward thinking foodservice distributor in the State of Hawaii. Our hardware has been completely upgraded; and the latest, most sophisticated software has been installed.

For example, only Y. Hata has E3 Trim, the revolutionary purchasing system. We were also the first to institute RoadNet, the last word in delivery technology developed by UPS, coupled with MobileCast, a global positioning system to manage delivery routes. In January of 2011, work was completed on one of the largest roof mounted Photovotaic systems on the island of Oahu – on the rooftop of Y. Hata’s warehouse. This system is estimated to offset 22% of Y. Hata’s electricity – a cost savings that will make it easier for both our company and our customers to be successful.

The quality and integrity of our customers’ products are highest on our priority list. To that end, we operate a fleet of three compartment, temperature-controlled trucks, and have expanded our warehouse chill and frozen space and installed refrigerated loading docks. Y. Hata & Co., Limited remains on the cutting edge of foodservice distributors. We look for every possible way to partner with our customers to ensure their success.

Y. Hata is also committed to supporting our future culinarians and the industry we serve.

1. Y. Hata Scholarship Program

  • Scholarships provided annually to several deserving Culinary Students.
  • Each recipient also receives a customized chef jacket and complete set of knives

2. Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP)

  • Team Sponsorship for the American Culinary Federation (ACF) student culinary competitions
  • Chef Mentor Program
  • Pledge of continuous financial support to the CIP Development

3. U.S. Army Culinary Art Competition

4. Sponsorship – Farm Bureau

5. Membership

  • Hawaii Restaurant Association
  • American Culinary Federation
  • National Restaurant Association
  • International Foodservice Distributor Association
  • International Foodservice Executives Association

In every way possible, Y. Hata exemplifies leadership among foodservice companies. Please contact us at customersolutions@yhata.com to find out, or to share your own ideas, how we can be part of your company’s rising success. And mahalo for being part of ours since 1913!