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Employer Summary

Universal Cold Storage was founded in 2001 in Lincoln, Nebraska in a 16,000 square foot facility. Within a year the location was outgrown due to customer demand. A new location with over 300,000 square feet was acquired, refurbished, and online by 2003 (pictured above.) In 2008, a conversion of space added 8,000 frozen pallet positions. New construction in 2009 added another 16,000 frozen pallet positions bringing our total to 47,000 chilled or frozen pallet positions totaling over 670,000 square feet making it Nebraska’s largest.

In 2010, sensing demand for outsourced High Pressure Processing (HPP) the company founded Universal Pasteurization Company and purchased its first 350L system, at that time the largest made.  Operating on its commitment to hassle-free HPP, the Lincoln facility now has five 350 liter HPP systems in place which can process over 3 million pounds of customer product per year.

Villa Rica

In  2013, the company added a facility in Villa Rica Georgia, just outside of Atlanta (pictured above.) The Villa Rica facility has two 350 liter HPP systems currently with the ability to grow significantly based upon customer demand.  It also offers 15,000 square feet of frozen and 5000 square feet of cold storage.

In early 2014, the company acquired the assets of outsourced HPP services provider GL Foods of Coppell, Texas providing the company and its customers with a strategic southwest location.  The facility features two 350 liter HPP systems and cold storage as well as a suite of value-added services.


In July 2015, Universal’s fourth facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania went online (pictured above.)The facility currently has Universal’s first 525L machine for increased capacity. Malvern also has over 9000 pallet positions of cold storage.

In addition to cold storage and HPP, the company offers a full set value-added services such as dry and wet tempering, dry-aging, kitting, blast freezing, ink jetting and logistics.

Universal is completely customer focused and customer-centric. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Our goal is to constantly upgrade our facility, technology, and services to better serve our customers.