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Employer Summary

As with the Church Brothers production department, True Leaf Operations begins with reliable growers and researched seed varieties. Food Safety and Quality Control Programs establish the guidelines to begin and determine how we will proceed. Carefully selected fields are either machine or hand harvested into totes or bins, depending on the crop. In many cases a refrigerated truck brings the field product to the processing plant.

The plant operates under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines. It is refrigerated at 34-36 degrees to keep products cold and at the peak of freshness. Products typically are cooled and stored upon arrival and processed in a timely manner. Multiple washes clean surface area and control bacteria; and product is centrifuged gently to remove excess moisture. Form, Fill and Seal machines and other sealing devices package the ready product and after a final quality check, the boxes are marked and put on pallets for shipment throughout Northern America. Our workers in the field and in the plant are trained and dedicated, preparing each bag and box to meet rigorous safety and quality criteria. We also have a dedicated team of packaging, marketing and research experts constantly working to improve current formats and create new items.