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Today’s Trinidad Benham is based on a tradition of entrepreneurial spirit. In 1977, the families that owned Trinidad Bean & Elevator Company (a bean sourcing and origination company in Denver, CO) and Benham & Company (a bean packaging company in Mineola, TX) formed a joint venture to diversify their businesses, which later led them to acquire a foil products packaging company. With joint expertise in commodity-based products, they merged their vertically integrated bean origination and packaging company with the foil business, and Trinidad Benham was born the following year.


We are proud to be a leading marketer and advocate for dry edible beans and rice, two of the world’s great food staples. Beans have been our core business since 1917, and we’re committed to educating consumers about their positive benefits. We offer a comprehensive portfolio with extensive varieties of beans and rice to give our customers products that appeal to today’s consumer.


We are a leading packager of household and foodservice foil products to a broad range of customers. But what really sets us apart? Our ability to listen and understand our customers' needs. Our exceptional service levels and focus on private brand allow us to offer more innovative products and competitive alternatives to national brands.


We may sell beans, rice and foil, but we are truly focused on service, integrity and quality products. In our employee-owned company, each individual has the ability to really get to know our customers. We are in this for the long haul, and that’s why we build long-term relationships—and are especially proud of the fact that our customers rank us in the top 10% for service. With our global distribution system and efficiencies of scale, we get the right product to you, right on time.