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Employer Summary

Since 1978, Sweet Earth Natural Foods has been handcrafting award winning, all-natural, nourishing and delicious vegan/vegetarian prepared foods that are packed with plant-based protein, and exploding with worldly flavors.

Our mission is to cultivate the best of California's central coast - ingredients and cuisine - and batch it up to make the world's tastiest, healthiest, revitalizing vegan and vegetarian foods.

Our plant-based recipes are made with fresh natural ingredients-prepped in the tradition of years gone by and seasoned with the flavors of the world, from right here in our California kitchen.

We use enlightened food traditions and farm friendly ingredients to hand-craft delicious and nourishing food. Always warm, vibrant and full of flavor. Every burrito is an intentional blend of plant-based protein, ancient grains, fresh vegetables and beneficial herbs and spices. Worldly and local - wherever you are, share the craft of our California kitchen.