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Employer Summary

Established in 1943, the SK Food Group is a leader in the food manufacturing and wholesale food sales industry. We produce a complete line of products for many different market segments including retail, convenience stores, vending and the transportation industry. In addition, we pride ourselves on the sub-contract manufacturing and private labeling capabilities our company offers to customers throughout the United States.

SK Food Group produces a complete line of food products for a variety of market segments. Our signature Oven Pride® Kitchen line is found in the nation’s largest big box retail outlets, convenience stores, vending machines, and throughout the transportation industry.

At SK Food Group we stand by our products and our people while staying ahead of our competition. As we continue to expand our company through diversification and growth, we remain committed to producing the highest quality products, providing superior customer service, and helping our customers stay ahead in their own marketplace.

We place a strong emphasis on employee relations and are committed to supporting a working environment where employees thrive and play a key role in our success. We are looking for associates that take pride in their work and want to help us build high quality products and processes.