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Employer Summary

Silver Springs Citrus, Inc., a citrus and beverage organization established in 1921, has a long standing commitment to quality and safety; conducting our business, and manufacturing products with strict adherence to all federal, state, and local regulations. We supply our customers the highest quality products that exceed the consumer’s expectations for taste, variety, value, and nutrition.

We achieve this by aligning the organization with the principles set forth in the Global Food Safety Initiative and maintaining a HACCP based food safety and quality system which is independently audited by an international auditing agency. Our staff is involved in all aspects of production. They understand our policy, our commitment, and our customer’s requirements. Our staff is our most valuable asset and they make up our continuous improvement team which feeds all of our systems, as well as the establishment and reviewing of our food safety and quality objectives.

We, as Senior Management, are committed to the continual improvement of the SQF System, and are obligated to providing our staff with the necessary training and support to enable them to facilitate an environment of continuous improvement in food safety and quality management. We are also committed to review the food safety and quality objectives on an annual basis. The continued involvement of our staff is a main contributor to the success of Silver Springs Citrus.