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SaltWorks® success can be credited to its talented employees, the company's powerful culture of striving for excellence, and constantly improving and innovating its processes and standards.

SaltWorks is America's Sea Salt Company®, the most trusted source for all-natural salts. Founded and based near Seattle, Washington, we supply premium-grade specialty salts to the wholesale, retail, and consumer markets throughout the world. Our customers range from individuals who order by the jar, to food processors & manufacturers, restaurants, grocery stores, salt mill manufacturers, and spice companies who order by the pallet, truckload, and ocean container.

Privately owned & operated, SaltWorks was established in 2001 when Mark Zoske, CEO, first learned about the variety and benefits of authentic, unrefined sea salts. He was quickly surprised by how difficult these quality salts were to find and purchase, and the lack of access to these all-natural ingredients for food manufacturers & processors to offer healthier, more natural options. So, with no outside investors, SaltWorks was founded and become the space where he could specialize in these unique, mineral-rich salt varieties. Thus, SaltWorks became the first gourmet salt company in the US.