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Employer Summary

Rose Acre Farms is an innovative company dedicated to producing shell eggs and egg products of exceptional quality while protecting animal health and welfare.

Our streamlined egg production allows us to ensure that the chickens are well cared for throughout their life cycles. Our in-house veterinarian and nutritionists follow our flocks at each stage, always looking for ways to enhance the health and well-being of the birds. Streamlined production also creates efficiencies that provide value to our customers and helps us provide a consistent supply of eggs, making us a trusted egg vendor.

Rose Acre Farms produces a wide range of shell eggs, specialty eggs and egg products:

  • Shell eggs include white and brown table eggs, from cage-free or conventionally raised hens.
  • Specialty eggs including cage-free, Omega 3, vegetarian, and other nutritionally enhanced eggs are available in retail and wholesale packs.
  • Our commodity eggs are available in a wide range of order sizes from LTL to truckload quantities.
  • We offer a variety of egg products as well. Our egg products include:
  • Liquid eggs (Liquid eggs are available in whole egg, cholesterol free, egg white and egg yolk varieties)
  • Dried eggs (Dried eggs are available in whole egg, egg white and egg yolk varieties)
  • Egg protein powder made from dried egg whites (our egg protein powder is marketed under the brand Sport Protein)