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Our Vision

To be an indispensable egg-based solutions leader through relentless pursuit of sustainable production and innovative solutions.

Our Story

It’s perfectly normal to find yourself standing in a corn field…dreaming, right? Well Rembrandt’s founders were doing just that when they envisioned a sustainable and streamlined egg operation – from grain to finished product. The idea would bring baby chicks, layers, processing and even grain sourcing to one location, supporting local agriculture by design. One conversation led to another, investments were made, plans came together and WahLa! – Rembrandt Foods was hatched. (Possibly a tad more complicated than that, but for the sake of time…)

We are now experts in unlocking the magic of the egg as a leading global supplier. Rembrandt’s products reach consumers in more than 30 countries and touch virtually every food category, including mayonnaise and sauces, baked goods, confections, pasta, prepared and nutritionally fortified foods. We are quite literally bringing the goodness of eggs to the world.