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Employer Summary

All of us at Rä Foods LLC know food. We’ve built our careers, our businesses, our lives, around food and food-related technologies.  We have a passion for food that drives us to create new and better ways of growing, packaging, and delivering wholesome foods for today’s consumer.  We know how to find and select the right seeds; how to grow, harvest, process, package, and distribute.  We know product innovation, food safety, and product testing.  We are immersed in all elements of food production from farm-to-fork.

“We bring a unique perspective to food safety and production by combining experience in the fresh produce industry with involvement in  public and non-profit efforts.”

Prior to developing Nanoshoots our Rä Foods LLC team had over 20 years of experience as producers in the “sprout” industry.  There may be a superficial resemblance between Nanoshoots and old fashioned “sprouts”, but the differences run deep.  Despite those differences there were important lessons learned in that business that have contributed to our approach with Nanoshoots.  Our team had always stood out from other sprout growers for exceeding both current industry and FDA standards. We played a key role in designing and funding industrial scale research to validate sanitation procedures.  We also participated in the IIT/IFSH Sprout Safety Task Force to help develop new food safety guidelines for the entire sprouting industry. 

But there was a reluctance on the part of “sprouters” across the country to adopt the new safety standards.  So the team chose leave the traditional sprouting industry and focus on the development of COLD GROWN Nanoshoots.

The result is a line of products using the revolutionary patent pending COLD GROWN process that assures the consumer of the ultimate in quality, safety and convenience.