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We are delighted to introduce PANOS brands®, a consumer packaged goods company created to manage a unique and defined portfolio of specialty food and beverage brands. "P.A.N.O.S." is an acronym that precisely defines the company’s mission to offer Premium, Authentic, Natural, Organic, and Specialty foods throughout the U.S and Canada. True to its namesake — the ancient Greek word for torch — we like to think of our brands as a beacon for consumers who are increasingly demanding a wide spectrum of specialty foods.

Our collection of brands speaks directly to sustained trends in categories such as organic, ethnic, vegetarian and restricted-diet, and gourmet foods. Upon visiting our web site, you will see Andrew & Everett rBGH-BST Hormone Free cheeses, KA-ME, our comprehensive line of authentic Asian food products, Walden Farms calorie-free specialties, Sesmark wholesome crackers, MI-DEL cookies and Allergen Safe pie crusts, and Amore All-Italian cooking pastes, pouched vegetables and Organic legumes. You’ll also find specialty brands such as, Chatfield’s premium and Allergen Safe baking products, Tap 'n Apple spreads, Mr. Sprinkles festive dessert toppings, Better Than Milk vegan dairy free beverages, and more!