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Quality. Value. Innovation. Reliability. These four words embody our company vision. If you asked us a hundred-plus years ago about our vision, the answer would have contained these four words. And, if you ask us 100 years from today, you guessed it, the answer is the same. Whether you wish to create something new or redo an old favorite, we work with you to produce a quality product at the best possible price.


We have sugar-dusted, chocolate-dipped and caramel-drizzled it all, and we’re not done yet. There’s nothing stale in our facility, not the candy and certainly not the inspiration. We consistently strive to create new flavors that will rival even our most iconic offerings and can do the same for your business.

Palmer Candy developed the Bing candy bar in 1923, revolutionizing boxed chocolates and penny candy. Today, we are at the forefront of food service, packaging, information systems, work practices and production techniques. Whether it is a new product or packaging design, Palmer Candy has the experience and initiative to turn these confectionary dreams into reality. What can we make for you?


If we say we will do something, we do it. Period. Done. It may be our Midwestern roots, but we think reliability is a given, not a bonus. We take pride in our family-owned business’ reputation for being honest and reliable. We don’t just want to meet your needs, that’s easy, we want to exceed them. This commitment to our customers is the reason we’re still in business, while so many of our past competitors are not. In 1980, more than 300 family-run candy companies existed in the United States; by 2000's, 30 remained.

Palmer Candy has outlasted most due to our outstanding customer service (we still have a real person answering our phone) and how we communicate with you throughout every step of the process. It also doesn’t hurt that our Sioux City state-of-the-art facility, with more than 300,000-square-feet of production space, can churn out candies, nuts, munchies and chocolate in record time. Ready to start cooking something up?

"Our relationship with Palmer Candy has been a long, and successful partnership. We have always had excellent cooperation and attention to our business needs. Whether our needs are for packaging solutions, label graphics, product mix recommendations, or seasonal offerings, no request has been denied. All transactions have been above board, honest, and timely. Our private business has profited because of this relationship. I would recommend the Palmer Candy Company to anyone without hesitation."