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Employer Summary

Coming to Canada from Italy in 1961, Tony and Gino Mucci rented farmland on share until they were able to purchase their first 21 acres of land in 1963.  They successfully grew a variety of vegetables on this land until they purchased additional land and began to focus their efforts on tomatoes. 

Building their first wooden frame poly greenhouses in 1969, they soon went on to build a 4 acre glass range in 1975 to the surprise of many of their neighboring farmers and friends.  “They thought we were crazy,” says Tony, of that first four acre glass range.  Four acres was a large project on its own, but four acres of glass was even more surprising.  The years following that build were tough with the mortgage crisis raising interest rates as high as 25% and increases in fuel and labour costs, but they pushed through, crediting their success to new tomato varieties and technology that improved yields. 

Further growth of the family business progressed throughout the years as more land was purchased and greenhouses were built.  Taking control of packing and marketing, Mucci Pac and Mucci International Marketing were formed in ’92 and ’96 respectively, followed by additional greenhouse expansion in ’97 and warehouse expansion in ’98.  Five acre additions were the norm at that time, but with a new marketing company and a packing line to fill, they took another risk and decided to build 20 acres of poly greenhouses. 

Today, Tony and Gino’s children have joined the family business and remain true to their parent’s entrepreneurial spirit with subsequent builds and the expansion of Mucci International Marketing.  Tony and Gino are still active in the family business, growing cocktail cucumbers at the home farm, while their children take care of the new greenhouses and the marketing company.   The farms are fruitful and Mucci International Marketing has continued its growth, now representing over 400 acres of Ontario greenhouse vegetables to markets across North America.