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Now it doesn’t take a trip across the ocean to experience all of the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine.

First things first… it is pronounced YEE-rohs. Don’t you dare call them JAHY-rohs. So what makes Megas Yeeros® different? Our company marinades meat solely with the simplest of ingredients, for the moist, delicious taste that we are famous for internationally:

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Pure and Natural Greek Honey

    Fresh Greek Yogurt

    Finest Quality Fresh Herbs

Our clean label approach ensures our meats are gluten-free and never with MSG. You always get the most authentic taste and all of the vital health benefits from all of our products. The company is also the LARGEST producer of authentic Greek meat products in Europe and we have just arrived in the United States! With our ultra-modern, state-of–the-art facilities the company is constantly reinventing traditional Greek JAHY-roh cuisine. So remember... it is pronounced YEE-rohs. MYAuthentic Yeeros® .