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Employer Summary

Loblaw Produce International (LPI), formerly So Fresh Produce, offers Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL), one of the largest retailers in Canada, an extensive array of services to advise and optimize Loblaw’s fresh produce sales.  LPI has been in business for over 50 years and our unique business model offers a great value to Loblaw.  Ultimately, we are looking to assist Loblaw to win in quality, variety, innovation, and speed.

LPI has a highly skilled team of Vendor Development Managers (VDM’s) and Quality Assurance Specialists (QAS).  The team is experienced in fresh produce production, distribution, and produce retail sales.  LPI VDM’s are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Spain.  From these countries, we are able to inspect the major growing areas of North America, South America, Southern Europe, with the possibility of traveling to areas outside the above listed regions.

In summary, our services enable Loblaw to meet the customer’s needs by sourcing direct, maintaining spec., improving service level, delivering produce with a longer product life, while providing great tasting product.