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Lawler's Recipe for Success!

Could Humble, Texas become the dessert capital of the world?

As the home of Lawler Foods, the answer to that question would definitely be yes! Family-owned and operated, Lawler Foods' business has been built on the solid foundation of "home-made" taste and quality. We follow recipes - not formulas employing home-style methods along with food technology. We use the finest natural ingredients - not artificial flavorings and chemical additives. The results: creamy cheesecakes, moist layer cakes, and pies as delicious as those from your grandmother's kitchen.

In 1976, after deciding the "big company" career track was not for us, we moved our family to Humble, Texas. We began our new career in a small leased space near downtown Houston boasting one employee, one mixer, and one small oven. Like most entrepreneurs, we wore many hats - baking, selling, and delivering cakes in addition to keeping books & cleaning the floors. As demand for our cakes grew, so did the size of our bakery. In 1984 Lawler Foods moved to a new bakery in Humble, this one a "huge" 9600 square feet, and this one was ours (and the bank's, of course)!

One year later, a well-known wholesale club put Lawler's cheesecake in their outlets as a Christmas item. This caused quite a scramble! With seven employees and typical orders no larger than 125 cases, we were suddenly faced with producing three truckloads of product. We hired nine new employees and worked around the clock, combining old staff with new, praying the recent hires would be quick learners. Everyone met the challenge and every order was delivered on time. The popularity of the product convinced club management to stock our cheesecakes year-round..

As our customer base and product line grew, so did our need for additional space. The original bakery has grown to include a combination of five interlocking buildings occupying two acres of land. In 1995, we bought an additional 21 acres and built a 55,000 sq. ft. building with room for additional expansion. In 2007 our newest addition was complete - our first fully automated facility used to produce component items, squares and miniatures in the most efficient way possible.

Current business includes national restaurant chains, wholesale clubs, and retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Mexico & Europe. Lawler Foods' large selection of desserts is certified Kosher dairy. Our immaculate facilities are routinely inspected by Silliker Labs. While not a requirement these inspections, along with our Kosher certification and in-house laboratory, assure our customers of the highest standards of cleanliness and quality.

We hope when you are looking for someone to satisfy your dessert needs, you will give us call.