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Employer Summary

KanPak® is your ultimate resource for beverages and desserts. From juices to coffee drinks to delicious blended ice cream treats, we’ll help you create the perfect product. Innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, superior customer service and the highest quality ingredients are all part of the mix.

Aseptic Technology

The key to more efficient beverage packaging, shipping and storage is aseptic technology. We use a tightly controlled thermal process to destroy potentially harmful bacteria. Next, the product is packaged in sterilized, durable material to protect from outside contamination. The result is an incredibly fresh, delicious creation that can be safely stored for up to six months without refrigeration.

Exceptional service

One of the keys to every successful organization is a ‘customer-centric’ model, ensuring we go above and beyond to build solid relationships and keep our customers satisfied. That’s why we take a very hands-on approach to everything that goes into making a delicious, nutritious and consistently superior beverage or dessert product. From the very beginning, our secret ingredient has been our people.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Our products require no refrigeration to ship and store, dramatically reducing energy costs throughout the process. Plus, small aseptic pouches create 25 times less waste than traditional packaging, reducing disposal costs and impact. From start to finish, it’s a much more environmentally friendly way of doing business.


Founded in 1965, KanPak® LLC began as a family-owned dairy company, based in Arkansas City, KS. From the beginning, KanPak has led the way in the development of aseptic processing and packaging for beverages and desserts. In 1983, KanPak was one of the first companies in North America to qualify, process and aseptically package low acid foods.

KanPak continued to grow and expand, creating some of the most successful new product introductions in the foodservice industry. The late 90’s saw international expansion into Mexico to service the burgeoning Central and Latin American markets, and in the early 2000’s KanPak China was created to service the domestic Chinese market as well as the broader Asian market based on KanPak’s Export capabilities and licenses.

In 2011, Golden State Foods became partners in KanPak China, with the combined companies continuing to expand their product offering and bring on new customers in China and throughout Asia. This success culminated in 2013 with Golden State Foods acquiring controlling interest in KanPak LLC, with the newly combined entity poised for further international growth and success. The newest addition to the KanPak facility line-up is in Penn Yan, NY. Acquired in December of 2014, the plant has liquid aseptic processing as well as yogurt capabilities, and provides a second North American facility to service the North East region.

For more information on KanPak LLC, please call 1-800-378-1265 or email info@kanpak.us