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Employer Summary

We’ve been doing things the right way for 128 years and counting.

When Milo Jones started our family business in 1889, he was inspired by his mother’s all-natural, homemade breakfast sausage recipe. It was so full of authentic, wholesome flavor he wanted to share it with his friends, both near and far.

Over the past 128 years, many developments have been made in food technology— developments that make production faster and cheaper. Yet in that time, we have resisted adding anything artificial to our sausage recipes. That’s not the way Milo would have wanted it, and it’s not the way we want it. For us, it’s important that we stay true to our roots. We still use that same family recipe for our all-natural breakfast sausages. And we apply that same principle to our full range of products, including bacon, ham, Canadian Bacon, chicken sausage, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, liver sausage and scrapple.

Philip Jones, the sixth generation of the Jones family to lead our business, and everyone here at Jones Dairy Farm, are guided by the same simple philosophy that guided our company’s founder: To deliver natural, authentic, high-quality products that you and your family can feel good about. It’s a promise we’ve delivered on since 1889. It’s a promise we make—from our family to yours.