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Employer Summary

Iowa Premium exclusively offers family-farm raised corn-fed Black Angus beef.

Centered in the heart of traditional cattle feeding, our Tama, Iowa facility procures and processes only corn-fed Black Angus cattle from farm families in Iowa and our neighboring upper Midwest states. Specializing in USDA Choice and USDA Prime grade beef, we offer a full line of boxed beef products and by-products for domestic and international customers.

Originally built in 1971, our 260,000 square foot facility was completely renovated to meet the highest standards in food safety, quality assurance and sustainability. New features include a state-of-the-art cold chain management system with best-in-the-industry carcass coolers and an integrated distribution center designed to protect product integrity, quality and shelf-life.

Our facility has a new heart but beats with an old soul. We take great pride in doing things “old school”. We have skilled team of butchers that expertly hand-trim every piece of beef. We hand-pack and inspect all of our boxes, providing extra attention to the details of delivering a superior product.

A sustainable beef processing facility is a conviction at Iowa Premium. We continually seek ways to conserve and protect our natural resources. Our investment in a high-tech anaerobic waste water treatment system utilizes ultra violet light disinfection to create clean water for discharge to the Iowa River and environment.

Start-up began in the fall of 2014 with a handful of dedicated employees. With four plus years in operation, we have gained a diversified operations crew of more than 800 employees that are led by a talented management team. As our company’s top asset and a source of great pride, they are passionate about what we do – deliver safe, wholesome, and high quality family-farm raised Black Angus beef products to our valued customers and their families.

Our boots-on-the-ground cattle procurement team visits family farms to select high quality Black Angus cattle. To date they have procured cattle from more than 1,400 farm families. It is evident the time-honored husbandry practices and care provided by the family farm-feeder results in higher quality beef.

Demand for our premium, family-farm raised, and corn-fed Black Angus beef has flourished. Our domestic customer base has expanded to include nearly every region in the US. In addition, Iowa Premium is a certified and approved exporter for more than 50 countries across the globe.

We appreciate the conviction and dedication from our parent company, Sysco.  Their unwavering support has allowed us to acheive the vision of being the premier supplier of premium family-farm raised corn-fed Black Angus beef.