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Employer Summary

Hollandia Produce LLC. is a multi-faceted agricultural concern specializing in greenhouse-grown vegetables. A California Corporation family owned and operated, Hollandia is located in Carpinteria, California, just south of Santa Barbara. In 2011 the company celebrated 41 years in business.

All of our vegetable products are produced hydroponically in state-of-the-art greenhouses where we control light, temperature, humidity, and nutrients. By controlling these factors we can increase yields, shorten crop times and produce a uniquely uniform high-quality product on a year-round basis. This provides an important marketing advantage when inclement weather conditions can adversely affect quality, availability, and price of field-grown products. Advanced integrated pest management techniques allow us to control harmful insect damage on our vegetables without the use of conventional pesticides or fungicides, in fact we use the same NOP and OMRI pest control techniques organic growers use.

As a producer of Live Gourmet® brand butter lettuce, upland cress, and 3-n-1 lettuce, Hollandia provides many of the major supermarket chains in the western states with a year-round supply of premium quality produce. Our Live Gourmet® family of products are harvested with their roots intact and the lettuces are packaged in a unique see-through clamshell that functions as a mini-greenhouse. As living plants, these products have have an exceptional long-lasting freshness that retains flavor and color much longer than comparable varieties in the produce department.

The management and staff of Hollandia are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality control and product freshness. In recent months, the company has received extensive reviews in food sections of major newspapers, as well as several magazine articles, pertaining to high quality and lasting freshness of this hydroponically-grown lettuce and upland cress Additionally Live Gourmet® butter lettuce and upland cress have received the American Tasting Institute gold medal award for flavor and taste. In the coming year look for new and exciting product introductions from Live Gourmet®