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Inspired by a Guide Dog

In the late 1930s, Morris Frank, a young blind man, was touring the country with his guide dog, Buddy, promoting Seeing Eye® dogs. However, Buddy, a German shepherd, was suffering from kidney failure and Mr. Frank asked Dr. Mark Morris Sr. for help.

Dr. Morris believed Buddy's illness was the result of poor nutrition, so he developed a new pet food with his wife, Louise Morris, in their kitchen.


Dr. Mark Morris Sr.

Born in 1901. Dr. Morris was a visionary in the area of clinical nutrition. He believed nutrition could be used to improve the lives of pets with certain health conditions.

Dr. Mark Morris Jr.

The son of Dr. Mark Morris Sr. continued the legacy his father began in pet nutrition and is considered the father of small animal wellness nutrition.


We believe quality care for pets includes nutrition, veterinary health care, daily exercise and lots of love. All pets at Hill's Pet Nutrition live in such an environment

We only use compassionate, noninvasive methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so dogs and cats around the world live long, healthy lives.


As a Colgate-Palmolive Company, our core values are the foundation of our commitment to sustainable development.


Hill's Shelter Nutrition Partnership

Our commitment to pets extends deep into our community. That's why Hill's® Pet Nutrition supports animal shelters by providing Hill's® Science Diet® pet foods at an exclusive discount. The Shelter Nutrition Partnership helps shelter pets be in their best health so they can be adopted quickly.