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Employer Summary

From our founding in 1946, Herr Foods Inc. has undergone many growth changes to where now our sales territory has expanded to include branches in 8 states and distributors in 40 states. We have grown to over fifteen hundred employees, making us one of the largest independent snack food companies in the United States.

Our commitment to provide products and service of outstanding quality and to operate the company on Christian principles is as strong as ever. We are grateful to everyone who works hard to ensure that these commitments endure.

Our objective is to provide an environment where employees can learn, grow and excel in their career goals while working at Herr Foods Inc.

Statement of Purpose

What We Do

Our primary activity is to manufacture and distribute branded snack foods directly to stores.

Mission Statement

To grow our sales profitably by safely providing the best products and service available.


Our success as a company depends on each employee’s success, both personally and as a member of the Herr Foods family.