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A Glorious History of Freshness

The Fresh Express story begins way back in the Roaring Twenties. It was at that time that our founder, a California produce visionary named Bruce Church, returned to his Salinas, California roots and began working in the Salinas Valley produce industry. By the 1930s, he and three partners formed an ice company that supported a growing wave of packing and shipping fresh heads of lettuce across the country in ice-packed rail cars.

All the way to Maine, as the train pulled into each stop, folks would call out excitedly, "The icebergs are coming! The icebergs are coming!" The name would stick, as would America's blossoming love affair with fresh salads.

To meet this growing hunger for fresh, healthy salads, Fresh Express created the very first ready-to-eat packaged Garden Salad available in grocery stores nationwide in 1989. It was this same pioneering spirit and dedication to freshness that has "greened up" family menus with winning new combinations of fresh salads ever since. Today, Fresh Express is the market leader in delivering great-tasting, nutritious, fresh products to health-conscious people like you.