Foodarom USA Inc

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Employer Summary

Are you up for a delicious challenge? Foodarom Group will allow you to fully tap into your potential.

At Foodarom, a new flavor is featured every day! We are creators of custom flavors. We serve the agrifood, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Our multicultural environment is richly growing in diversity and variety. We just can’t get enough of people who think outside the box!

At Foodarom, surfing in San Diego (CA), skiing on the slopes of Salt Lake City (UT), enjoying an aperitivo in Milan (Italy) and celebrating Oktoberfest in Bremen (Germany), while making sure to take advantage of the large green spaces and charm of Montreal (Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada), is all possible!

With more than 125 employees spread throughout five sites across North America and Europe, we are a fast-growing company that runs on stimulating challenges.

Our Mission

Experiment, create and transform flavors to come up with made-to-measure solutions for your project.

Our Essence

It is most likely that, over the course of our existence, we will continue to grow and acquire new areas of expertise. But one thing is certain: Our values will always guide us in everything we do. They are part of our DNA and we follow them implicitly.

People First

We believe strongly in human relations—from saying hello to going for coffee, discussing issues over a meal, celebrating together at a holiday event, throwing a BBQ party, and more. This is how we bond together as a team. We take good care of the people we have the privilege of working with.


We put everything in place to deliver flexible services and flavor solutions. This flexibility is reflected in the quality of our diverse orders as well as our turnaround time. Every day, we put our adaptability to work in everything we do. Because being flexible also means being able to adapt to change.

R&D – Our Source of Innovation

We use cutting-edge equipment to help our flavorists hone their skills that much quicker. Advances in technology and research allow us to not only excel in our discipline, but first and foremost to be innovative in everything we do.