E. Armata Inc.

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Employer Summary

E. Armata, Inc. is a family run fruit and produce wholesaler in the Hunts Point Market, and has been in business over 100 years. With a modest start in Manhattan at the Washington Street Market, E. Armata is now one of the largest wholesalers operating in Hunts Point, and is proud to now be in the 4th generation stage. E. Armata takes great pride in operating the company with integrity and the highest quality product available for all our customers – be they a large retail customer, institutional supplier, or small grocers who visit the Market for quality produce.

Armata, Inc. is a wholesaler in the Hunts Point Market, New York.  We work directly with grower/shippers, and sell to “Mom & Pop” groceries, institutional suppliers, restaurant suppliers, wholesalers, and larger retailers.