Custom Made Meals

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Employer Summary

-Because of our Modified Atmosphere Packaging, these products maintain a long shelf life. Beef and Pork items typically have 18 days of shelf life from pack date and Chicken and Turkey items have 16 days.
-We label and pre-price all products with a barcode before shipping. All you have to do is open the box and place the item on the shelf!
-Our product also sells well behind the full-service case. This gives the product the appearance that it was made in-house, and allows customers to purchase the exact amount they need. We also sell frozen bulk items for full-service. These items have a 90-day shelf life from pack date.
-Our labels are colorful, yet minimal to allow the fresh, handmade product to shine through. Private labels are available on request.
-Each product set is customized to fit the retailers needs. We let retailers pick and choose which items they would like to offer.
-Our products are fresh and handmade with the finest ingredients.
-No additives, preservatives, binders or fillers.
-This product is perfect for the time-starved consumer. Prep is so easy--just take out of the packaging, and cook!
-We are constantly brainstorming new product ideas. Every season, the same great core items are offered as well as unique new items, which keeps consumers on their toes.