Columbia Grain International, LLC.

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Employer Summary

Product knowledge, reliability, and diversity.

Columbia Grain was originally formed in 1978 to create a superior source of western grain for domestic and international markets. We are well known for our product knowledge and developing a connection between our producers and customers. Our goal is to provide quality information and reliability throughout the supply chain. We have extensive experience in contract execution and successfully navigating decades of changing market conditions across the globe.

We are vertically integrated, operating assets which stretch across the northern tier of the United States. We deal in a diverse mix of products, including bulk grain, pulses, edible beans, oilseeds, and organics. Our asset base includes grain elevators, processing plants, and agronomy centers. In addition, Columbia Grain is an owner of Montana Specialty Mills, who operates an organic and non-GMO oilseed crushing facility in Great Falls, Montana, and a mustard seed facility in Conrad, Montana.