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Betty Lou’s Quick Healthy Snacks
Betty Lou’s is committed to providing easy healthy snacks that are all-natural and gluten-free while being tasty at the same time. Over 30 years ago, Betty Lou decided to improve her family’s diet by removing refined sugar. Today, this legacy continues through the many healthy low-calorie snacks available through our stores and website.
These range from fruit bars to probiotic-filled snacks, to quick healthy snacks full of nuts. Probiotics are great for improved digestive health, infusing the gut with natural flora that help break down food and absorb nutrients. Our snack foods are also filled with protein, while ingredients such as organic brown rice and natural flavoring contribute to some of the best healthy snack foods available.
Plus, when sugars are used, they’re derived from natural fruit and fruit juice. There is no gluten that can affect those who are sensitive to it or who may not realize they are.
Snack bars, peanut butter and jelly bars, nut butter balls, powdered peanut butter, and protein shakes are just some of the healthy snack ideas we’ve made available. Enjoy the delight of chocolate or caramel through healthy bars without the worry of consuming preservatives or other unhealthy ingredients.
Purchase our items as individual packages for healthy snacks on the go, or combine various products as a Custom Sample Pack or boxes of large quantities of healthy snack bars. We’ve made it easy to order healthy snacks in any quantity you want—in fact, orders over $50 come with free shipping!