Associated Milk Producers Inc.

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Employer Summary


We are the 2,000 farm families and 1,200 employees of Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI), a dairy marketing cooperative owned and governed by dairy farmers. In 2017, our dairy farmer-owners marketed 5.7 billion pounds of milk, resulting in $1.7 billion in sales for the cooperative.

Our dairy farmer-owners produce high-quality milk on family farms in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. Our dairy farmers also own AMPI's 10 Midwest-based manufacturing plants where skilled employees use members' milk to produce 10 percent of the nation’s American-type cheese, butter, dried whey and sliced American cheese. Our award-winning dairy products are marketed to foodservice, retail and food ingredient customers.

We make the dairy products that make the brand.

Member Governance

Central to AMPI is the cooperative's governance structure. A three-level structure encourages member input.


Annual district meetings are an opportunity for members to review cooperative performance and elect representatives. District meetings also mark the beginning of the AMPI resolutions process. Members can submit resolutions that are reviewed by the AMPI Resolutions Committee and, if approved, forwarded to delegates at the AMPI Annual Meeting.


District elected representatives meet during the year at division board meetings to review the cooperative's performance and discuss timely dairy issues. These members are responsible for recommending practices and policies to the AMPI Corporate Board.


The AMPI Corporate Board is responsible for the business affairs of the cooperative. Corporate directors are elected at division meetings in January. They serve a three-year term, which begins at the AMPI Annual Meeting.


Interested in becoming an AMPI dairy farmer-owner? Visit with the AMPI Member Services team by calling 507-354-8295.