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Employer Summary

For Noah Robbins, Ark Food’s founder, it all began with the shishito pepper. Let’s call it love at first bite. But like many elusive loves, the shishito played hard to get. Noah searched markets big and small and found nothing. Even at farmer’s markets, there was barely a nibble. In desperation, Noah began to do some research, mining restaurant menus online, only to learn that shishitos were pretty hard to come by, and usually only chefs had access to vegetables like the shishito. It was at that moment, on his quest for shishitos, that the Ark Foods seed was planted.

Since then, Ark Foods has grown to become the largest grower of shishitos in the country. In addition, Noah has put his foraging skills to good use, conducting detailed analyses to uncover future products, including the sweet acre squash and the honey zepper. It’s been an exciting journey thus far, and it’s only the beginning.

Our goal here at Ark is to feed vegetable curiosity by bringing interesting produce to everyone, every season, at accessible price points. This starts with where we farm, and with locations in New Jersey, Florida and North Carolina, we choose each location based on climate consistency and use non-GMO seeds. We opt for niche produce, never commodity farming. Because of this, we are able to grow on a smaller number of acres, meaning greater attention to detail, resulting in higher, more consistent quality. By growing small and staying focused, we’re able to craft more interesting, underdog vegetables. This is how we stay true to our purpose – to feed vegetable curiosity to everyone, everywhere.