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Amazing inventions sometimes begin with an accident. 

In the mid 1970s, L. Nguyen, a Buddhist Vietnamese scientist, sought to help his people overcome the sterilizing effects of Agent Orange on their country's soil and  water. He created a strain of bacteria that remediated the soil and enabled the growth of crops in affected areas with some success.  Years later, through an unintentional step in the process of making the formula, he discovered the product we have today—a combination of coexisting microbes that produced higher yields and healthier crops in areas that had been once difficult or even impossible to cultivate.  From this original formula, TerraBella® and AquaBella® enzyme formulas were developed.

AquaBella Organic Solutions, LLC, (ABOS) was founded in 2008 by Yoni Szarvas to distribute these unique organic products. They have the potential to revolutionize the farming industry worldwide and to treat the waters used in agriculture in a natural, sustainable way. TerraBella increases plant health and crop yield. AquaBella clarifies water by breaking down ammonia and organic pollutants throughout the water system.  

Today our mission is to deliver these unique products to farmers worldwide in order to increase their profits, improve the quality and quantity of their crops, promote sustainability, and contribute to closing the world's growing food gap.