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Employer Summary

AOAC’s primary activity is the development of globally accepted standards. AOAC’s standards development process relies on stakeholder panels to develop consensus-based method performance requirements and volunteer expert review panels to evaluate potential methods – all based on the community’s specific method needs. 

AOAC’s independent third party status, vast experience, and volunteer leadership all contribute to the credibility, defensibility, and acceptability of standards and methods developed through our processes.

Programs and Services

  • Standards Development & Conformity Assessment 
  • Official MethodsSM and Performance Tested MethodsSMPrograms
  • AOAC publishes a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal; the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, as well as the Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL
  • Memberships are offered on an Individual and Corporate basis with over 3,000 members worldwide
  • Regional Sections, Analytical Communities, and Technical Divisions representing four continents and over ninety countries
  • AOAC Annual Meeting and Exposition & Mid-Year Meeting
  • Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (Accredited by A2LA)