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Employer Summary

Our promise

We will bring out the best in milk, a noble product with extraordinary potential, and in every step of doing so, we will also take concrete measures to make the world a better place.

Our promise

Through their combined efforts, the 3,161 dairy farmers who own our Cooperative and the 8,800 employees who work for it bring out the best in milk. Together, that makes over 15,000 Agropur families striving to produce better milk – milk that tastes better and is better for our community and our planet.

In our quest for perfection, we are always innovating and always improving.

Our cooperative values drive us to work collectively in pursuit of a common mission:

Better dairy and a better world for all.


To carry out this mission successfully, we take many actions that make a difference.

  • Better for our community: We involve ourselves in the community because, as a cooperative, we come from it. We contribute to the vitality of the rural communities and of all the communities with which we nurture interdependent relationships. As an important driver of the Canadian economy, we redistribute our earnings to our members in five Canadian provinces in the form of patronage dividends.
  • Better for our customers and consumers: We guarantee our customers and consumers a product that not only tastes good but also meets the strictest safety and quality standards. All our plants hold Safe Quality Food certification, which covers both food safety and food quality and is recognized around the world. We are proud to offer healthy, authentic products whose excellence we are constantly enhancing through the process of innovation.
  • Better for our workers: We offer our workers a meaningful future. We are a leader in our industry, and our growth is steady, healthy and focused on the long term. Our organizational culture, values and management style let us give our employees working conditions that help them develop their talents. At our LEED Silver Certified head office and all our processing plants, we provide a work environment that meets the needs and expectations of the new generations of workers.
  • Better for our cows: Because we know about nature, we know that to make milk well, we must treat our cows well. To this end, we have developed a Statement on Animal Welfare that guides us in our work with our cows every day.
  • Better for the planet: We help protect the environment by taking extensive precautions in the way we manage our water usage, our greenhouse gas emissions and our waste materials. We have established an environmental management system and environment committees that report to the highest level of the organization.

The sum of all these actions is that our products taste better and are better for everybody!