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Employer Summary

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is one of the leading producers and distributors of smoked fish and pickled fish products in the United States. The company was established in Brooklyn in 1954 and continues to be family owned and operated. The skill and experience behind Acme’s products continue to be carried on by the third and fourth generations of the family and by a very passionate team of food professionals.

Products are sold throughout the country in retail and institutional form under four major brands, which include Acme, Blue Hill Bay, Ruby Bay, and Great American. Our products are also anonymously served by some of the best restaurants and behind deli counters in select supermarkets, bagel stores, and appetizing stores.

Acme’s raw materials are carefully sourced from some of the most pristine waters around the globe. Salmon is sourced from carefully selected harvesting sites in Norway, Scotland, Alaska, Canada, and Chile. Other fish, like Whitefish and Ciscoes, come from local fisherman in the Great Lakes and Eskimo fishing communities in Alaska.