Quality Control Manager

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Job Description: 
Quality Control Manager will oversee the quality assurance for the entire Lancaster Plant. The manager will verify and maintain process and product standards established by Nissin Foods; as well as monitor sanitation conditions and recommend improvements.  Manager will verify that company personnel during routine operations follow applicable GMP guidelines and ensure the safety and quality of the products that the line produces.
Essential Functions- Job Duties: The following duties are considered essential to the job.  Qualified individuals must have the ability to perform the following duties.
  •     Ensure that process conditions in production plant are correct for each shift
  •     Ensure that all of Nissin Foods Process and Packaging Specifications are being followed.
  •     Ensure that QC / Sanitation are meeting federal, state and local regulations
  •     Represent Nissin Foods when dealing with outside audits (Federal/State FDA, PDA, Lasa, and Audits).
  •     Work with superintendent’s evaluation and development.
  •     Review all raw materials delivered to Nissin Foods for micro and chemistry analysis.
  •     Represent the QC department when dealing with vendors. Investigate, evaluate, and communicate with vendors to correct any problems, which may occur.
  •     Review material that is considered out of specification.
  •     Investigate cases of Lancaster’s consumer complaints.
  •     Provide lab support for R&D.
  •     Review all QC documentation on a daily basis (HACCP, SSOP, Pest Control)
  •     Process all documentation dealing with hazardous material generated in QC laboratory.
  •     Responsible for the startup of new QC procedures and equipment.
  •     Responsible for preparing samples for customers and R&D.
  •     Train management staff and Plant staff to be Quality minded.
Education: Associate’s of Science degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, Chemistry, Nutrition or related fields and minimum 9 years of related field experience and/or training; or Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, Chemistry, Nutrition or related fields and 3 years of related field experience; or equivalent combination of education, experience and training.
Knowledge: Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Safe Quality Food Standard (SQF), HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the functionality of various raw materials, packaging materials, production scale food operations, and food related laws and regulations preferably in FDA.
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