JOB FILLED - Quality Resource Analyst - Days

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Job Description: 

1. QC Program Development and Implementation

  • Collaborate with the Lead Practitioner and facility Quality Control Manager to develop and implement Food Safety, SQF fundamentals, and the Food Safety Plan across Enterprise, plant to plant and with Corporate Quality. Has back-up responsibilities for, and is backed up by, as defined by the Facility Organizational Chart and Back-up Responsibilities chart.
  • Maintain the post-implementation facility SQF system, ensuring its integrity through validation and verification.
  • Coordinate and participate in special projects such as studies affecting product quality, trials of new products or process improvements and similar work, either independently or at the request of the Quality Control Managers.
  • Research, recommend, and implement value-added QC innovation and process improvements in the laboratory and/or production areas, such as investigating methods to improve time and capital efficiency, streamlining documentation, new technologies and/or equipment, and communication of quality information.
  • Collaborate with managers, Cheesemakers and department leaders, through pro-active and timely communication and interaction to:
  • Identify, evaluate and resolve plant product safety and quality issues as they arise.
  • Maintain and audit effective plant sanitation programs, as needed
  • Ensure proper equipment and plant sanitation through effective pre-operational inspections as well as monitoring “Clean Equipment” and “End of Run” sampling, as required
  • Coordinate and monitor facility utility surveillance programs to ensure compliance with Grande and regulatory standards, which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Monthly surveillance of facility potable and process water supply bacteriology
  • Monthly surveillance of facility compressed air bacteriology (at points of contact with pasteurized product)
  • Develop and coordinate a facility environmental bacteria surveillance program.
  • Perform queries and generate product quality versus specification graphs (from existing database).
  • Participate in SOP/SSOP development and maintenance, including annual reviews.

2. Facility Training & Audit/Inspections

  • Participate in developing and presenting quality training including: GMP, HACCP, Preventive Controls, sanitation, Allergen/Allergen Control and Food Defense.
  • Attend and participate in quality meetings including; preparation and presentation of graphical data and distribution of meeting minutes as requested
  • Coordinate a comprehensive plant audit program, including HACCP critical control points, Preventive Controls, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), plant housekeeping, sanitation (CIP units, manual cleaning), bio-security systems and compliance with federal and state inspection agency regulations.
  • Maintain and audit glass and glass-like material monitoring program.
  • Participate in and support Quality Control Manager in regulatory inspections and/or customer audits, including routine regulatory sampling of products and water supplies.
  • Assist with the investigation and resolution of customer complaints.

3. Lab Operation

  • Coordinate and perform comparison testing for in-process and lab equipment and Associate testing performance monitoring including performing and/or coordinating necessary equipment calibration changes.
  • Operate laboratory equipment and instruments such as centrifuge, analytical balances, ovens, microwaves, pH meter, IR analyzers and similar equipment as required.
  • Coordinate creation of sub-lot composites to facilitate the necessary analyses and tests on products.
  • Coordinate and maintain adherence with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP’s).
  • Maintain, clean and sterilize laboratory equipment and calibrate laboratory instruments.
  • Utilize just-in-time methods to purchase required laboratory supplies and maintain cost effective inventory levels.




Team Player: Works well as a member of a group



Bachelors Degree or better in Food Science.

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